Novo Futurum was founded on 8 March 2017 by three founders: Willem de Beer, Gideon Malan and Hettie Wessels, with the dream of making a difference to the problems of poverty and lack of opportunities in Weltevredenpark, Johannesburg.

The main objective of the company is community development for poor, less privileged and needy people through poverty alleviation and abandonment projects. This includes fundraising and the use of these funds for the removal of disadvantaged people through development programs, poverty alleviation programmes and other related programmes.

The company’s name “Novo Futurum” was chosen to show the new future that is being provided as relief for people in need and joined forces with the Dutch Reformed Church of Weltevredenpark on established projects to get the ball rolling.

Our principles are based on four core values:

  • Sustainability
  • Accountability
  • Balance
  • Dignity

The people behind Novo Futurum

Our Founders

Neil du Plessis
Pieter Marais

Our People

The Board
Gideon Malan
Rev. Hettie Wessels
Leon Smith
Karel Breedt

The Management Committee

Dr. Neil du Plessis (Chairperson)
Saret Britz (Administration)
Alda Boer (Projects)