Selection Criteria

As an NGO, Novo Futurum npc has an obligation to remain true to its mission of “Creating New Futures“ by uplifting the community for poor, disadvantaged and needy persons. Projects are selected to alleviate poverty, empower and develop the community.

Our strategic focus areas for projects are education, empowerment and development.

In order to realise our vision and mission, we have to be selective as to which initiatives and projects we allocate resources to. The following main selection criteria is always in place for any future involvement or support for any project.


  • Your project is in line with the founding principles of Novo Futurum and its mission, namely to alleviate poverty for poor, disadvantaged and needy persons, to empower and develop the community through Education, Empowerment and Development.
  • Your project helps build local capabilities and improve the lives and community of the poor and destitute on a short- or long-term basis.
  • Your project embodies the principle of delivering “dignity to all” without prejudice or preconceived notion
  • Your project exemplifies the values of Novo Futurum namely stewardship, accountable, compassion and empathy and intentionally inspirational

Community Benefit

  • Your project can be duplicated on a small or larger scale to be of benefit to a greater community than just the immediate community
  • Your project involves members of the immediate community in which it operates and aims to be self-sustaining over a period of time
  • You have set indicators to measure your project’s social impact on the communities that stand to benefit from it, and you will be able to demonstrate significant impact as a result thereof, including capacity building for future generations


  • Your project is based on involving local players of the community in building and carrying out the project with you
  • Your project goes beyond financial support and share human, professional and technical skills in a strong partnership mindset
  • Your project can call on volunteers for skills sharing and transfer if this proves beneficial to the project
  • Your project relies on a network of partners that ensure that it will be robust, independent and empowered over the long term
  • Your project aims to be sustainable over the long term and commit to creating greater value through the principles of triple bottom line accounting (focus on social concerns, environment and financial gains – people, profit and planet)

Non-eligibility Criteria

  • Projects that are in contrast to the ethical and moral principles of Novo Futurum and deny a person/s dignity and human rights individually or collectively as a group
  • Projects that aim to promote financial gains other than for anti-poverty purposes
  • Projects that do not aim to leave a lasting impact and in that becomes intentionally inspirational to the community which it serves and future generations
  • Projects that do not actively encourage community development, empowerment and involvement to rise out of the situation of poverty and despair