Projects & Programs

Currently Novo Futurum works in Weltevredenpark but also runs projects in Greater Johannesburg

including neighbourhoods such as Johannesburg, Cosmo City, Zandspruit, Langlaagte, Roodepoort, Krugersdorp and Randburg. A comprehensive array of programmes are not fully established yet, but it is envisioned that poverty relief projects listed below will target social services, small business assistance to poor and underprivileged communities, education and economic upliftment in the targeted areas.

Often response to an immediate and urgent outcry for help from the community is where Novo Futurum has the biggest impact.

Our Projects

We are actively involved in the following projects

MES was born from 1979 to 1986 in the streets of Johannesburg. Outreach and street work started from the Dutch Reformed Church of Johannesburg. Initially just a food project in Hillbrow with the vision of helping homeless people with a meal every day, the project has grown into a full-grown partner in poverty eradication in downtown Johannesburg. Novo Futurum will contribute financially to the work of MES on a monthly basis. MES now contributes to the society through running a local container clinic, a crèche, a homeless shelter, daycare for children, a transition house, health education and entrepreneurial programmes.

The aim of support of the project is to assist the institution to fulfil in the needs of the marginalised and destitute communities of Johannesburg from a holistic approach ranging from soup kitchens, prayer meetings, to donation of food and toiletries.

In 2002, we met volunteer Marietjie Steyn who has a dream to assist underprivileged children from the informal settlement of Zandspruit. Novo Futurum’s assistance with this project takes form with financial assistance and the provision of vegetables that feed children from a daycare centre. Our involvement also encompasses financial assistance to the community worker that works with the children at the daycare centre in Golang Education Outreach.

The aim of support of the project is to assist financially to ensure that children receive a daily nutritious meal and have a qualified carer and teacher to look after them and ensure school readiness.

Novo Futurum’s involvement with the Diana Tshiano Daycare and Pre-primary School started in 2004. Tebogo, a qualified nursery school educator started the school out of an RDP house with 30 children. Novo Futurum aims to provide cleaning products, fresh fruit and vegetables and an annual excursion.

The aim of Novo Futurum’s involvement is to provide a safe and hygienic environment to marginalised children who are already vulnerable and exposed due to their location. Stimulation takes place through annual excursions.

The Pre-primary school in Jan Hofmeyer forms part of the Jan Hofmeyer Community Centre. In 2002

volunteers from the community got involved when they noticed unsupervised toddlers during the day when parents were at work. There were no funds to send them to crèches or pre-primare schools. Novo Futurum aims to provide emotional and financial support to the teachers and volunteers and provides funding to educate the teaching staff.

The aim of Novo Futurum’s financial assistance is firstly to ensure school readiness for underprivileged children and secondly to provide financial assistance to ensure education and opportunities for carers to become qualified pre-primary teachers. This not only provides improved learning environment for the children, but also improves career options for the teachers in the development programmes.

House Erasmus is situated at the Langlaagte Campus of Abraham Kriel Children’s Home. The house

was severely damaged in a fire in 2015. Novo Futurum’s involvement will include the maintenance and repair of the house for paint, bathrooms, tiles etc. as well as soft furnishings such as curtains, carpets, furniture etc. Volunteers also supply toiletries, emotional support to children in the house and birthday gifts.

The aim of our involvement in this project is to provide sustainable, hygienic and emotionally stable living environment to destitute children. The emotional wellbeing of these children will result in productive and economically sustainable citizens. The aim is also to assist and prepare the orphans for a successful transfer to their adult life via adequate schooling and life skills.

The Blou Huis is situated at the Maria Kloppers Campus of the Abraham Kriel Children’s Home. As with House Erasmus, Novo Futurum will provide emotional support, excursions, maintenance support and birthday gifts.

The aim of Novo Futurum’s involvement with this project is provide sustainable, hygienic and emotionally stable living environment to destitute children. The emotional wellbeing of these children will result in productive and economically stable members of society.

Novo Futurum aims to provide food parcels to the homeless and destitute members of the community. For those that have other needs gift vouchers are handed out which can be used as needed at Pick ‘n Pay. Annually approximately R80,000 is earmarked for this project, but as poverty increases, this amount will increase.

The aim of this project is to provide day-to-day poverty relief to ease the burden on government social programmes. Expert Social Services ensures that these homeless and often hopeless people are not institutionalised, but holistically cared for.

Blankets, food parcels, scarves and beanies are provided to the homeless members of the community during cold Winter months when the need is at its greatest. The projects provides blankets to homeless people in Weltevredenpark, Randburg, Roodepoort and Krugersdorp and surrounds. No questions asked.

The aim of Novo Futurum’s involvement is solely to alleviate poverty in our community through reducing hunger and cold of homeless people of the community. Novo Futurum provides a vehicle for local community members to reach out and give to the homeless and impoverished by being a depot where donations can be received and distributed.